On-demand webinar: Navigating CMC requirements for Spray Drying Processes

On-demand webinar: Navigating CMC requirements for Spray Drying Processes

Spray drying is a continuous, reproducible, cost-effective and scalable process for the production of stable amorphous solid dispersions.
This technology enables the production of dry pharmaceutical powders for tablets, powder-filled capsules and inhaled drug products.
The dispersion of a drug in a polymer matrix results in enhanced solubility in intestinal fluids and improved bioavailability.

To enable rapid product development and file submission it is paramount to integrate CMC strategies and regulatory aspects early in the drug product development process.
CMC demands are growing throughout the clinical phases and they require phase appropriate expertise and management skills.

This webinar will address key CMC challenges and integrated project management solutions for spray dried pharmaceutical product development.

Stefano Console
Scientific Advisor
Stefano Console has more than 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical business. The broad experience gained with different CDMOs coupled with an unceasing scientific curiosity for new technologies led Stefano to hold strategic roles managing a large number of successful projects for big as well as small Pharma partners across EU, USA and Japan. A vibrant passion for business development, organizational innovation and start-up initiatives, together with a relevant expertise in pharmaceutical particle engineering technologies (especially micronization and spray drying related technologies) and respiratory products complete the profile.
Currently Stefano is Senior Advisor and Founder at Oriento SA, Member of the Advisory Board at eu.reca (European Respiratory Cluster of Antwerp) and Scientific Advisor at Ardena.
Stefano received his five-year degree in Chemistry from the University of Milano, Italy.

Arno Vermote
Senior CMC Writer
Graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences and having obtained a PhD in medicinal chemistry, he started his career as a medical writer for a Belgian CRO. Later he joined Ardena as a CMC Writer and rapidly grew to Senior CMC Writer. His role is to provide regulatory advice to clients as well as to write regulatory documentation for new chemical entities in clinical studies. Next to providing assistance and support to clients, he also fulfills a role in technical sales for the Ardena Dossier Development team. Having a background in medicinal chemistry and being a pharmacist by training, Arno combines knowledge and expertise in both drug substance and drug product development.

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