About Ardena

About Ardena

Always agile, we reliably guide you and your molecule
through the challenging terrain of innovative drug development
with deep scientific expertise.

Changing course as your drug development program does

A siloed, serial and fragmented approach to drug development may lead to poor and delayed distribution of information causing duplicate work and even rework, particularly in early phase development where study design is subject to continuous change.

We strongly believe that our multidisciplinary approach can accelerate the drug development and approval process. Our ethos is to always be reliable, proactive and flexible. We aim to be a true partner that provides excellent services.

Our Mission & Vision

We want to be a trusted drug development partner for our pharma customers around the world.
By leveraging our expertise, experience, infrastructure, resources, technology and global network, we help our customers to bring innovative drugs to clinics and market efficiently and effectively.

We recognize that speed and excellence are important factors in drug development. To accelerate the drug development and approval process, we rely on an integrated, agile, phase-appropriate and dossier-centric approach.

Integrated service

By seamlessly integrating our services on one multidisciplinary platform, we're able to better mitigate development risks, ensure a smooth project execution, and ultimately reduce time-to-clinic.

Agile operations

Especially in the early phase of development, the study design is subject to constant change. Therefore, we are always agile, ready to change course as the drug development program does. We're open-minded and enabling. We broaden the customer perspective and think outside the box when needed.

Phase-appropriate development

Each phase of drug development is critical and requires specific expertise. We know "what" and "when" is needed at each phase. Depending on the development phase, we apply appropriate quality standards.

Dossier-centric approach

In drug development, compliance with regulatory guidelines and standards is critical. When designing experiments and products, we consider regulatory requirements from the outset
We develop product and dossier in parallel, side by side.

Our executive leadership team

We have a deep understanding and exceptional experience which we leverage to guide our approach and deliver the best possible outcomes for our partners.


We have carefully invested in or acquired platforms and facilities that are uniquely engineered to support and enable integrated early phase development for our partners’ oral drugs, nanomedicines and injectables.

Ardena Group acquires Idifarma

Idifarma, based in Pamplona, Spain, offers a full range of services spanning the pharma lifecycle from formulation, analytical to manufacturing services for highly potent drugs. Its capabilities include a platform for an accelerated path to clinic and innovating spray drying processes to overcome solubility issues. Established in 2001, Idifarma now has 120 employees.

GHO Capital becomes the new reference shareholder in Ardena

GHO Capital together with management acquires the Ardena Group from Mentha Capital. GHO plans to further strengthen Ardena’s broad service proposition through organic and inorganic opportunities, adding to both the Company’s offering and international footprint.

Ardena Group acquires Syntagon

Ardena acquires Scandinavian company Syntagon and strengthens its drug substance service offering. Drug substance batch sizes up to 100 kg can be produced. The 30-strong Syntagon team also adds specialist expertise in GMP chromatographic purification processes to our group.

Ardena Group acquires Chemconnection

Ardena acquires Chemconnection, adding drug substance and nanomedicine expertise. Based at the Pivot Park life sciences campus in Oss, the Netherlands, ChemConnection employs a team of more than 60 with expertise in process and analytical development, cGMP manufacturing and stability studies for Drug Substances and nanomedicines. Its state-of-the-art facility has the capability to manufacture active ingredients up to 30 kg scale.

Launch of the Ardena brand

Ardena is launched as the new brand for our services. The Ardena name reveals the increased service offering and complementary capabilities of the former companies, Pharmavize and Crystallics. Our logo resembles a compass and symbolizes Ardena’s navigational skills. During the drug development journey, we point, with minimized risk, our customers in the best direction.

Ardena Group acquires ABL

The acquisition of Netherlands based ABL broadens our preclinical and clinical offering to include bioanalytical and drug discovery services. The 60-strong ABL team specializes in the analysis of endogenous (biomarkers) and exogenous compounds (drugs) in biological matrices derived from humans and animals. ABL is active in all phases of drug development, including discovery, pre-clinical and clinical phases.

Acquisition of Crystallics

Netherlands based Crystallics is the first company that joins Pharmavize in executing its vertical integration strategy. Crystallics is specialized in the identification, characterization and selection of the physical forms of drug substances. The company is a pioneer in the field of solid-state research and developed unique and proprietary technologies.

Mentha Capital invests in Pharmavize

Pharmavize, a Belgium based CDMO specialized in drug and dossier development, engages private equity company Mentha Capital and starts executing a M&A strategy to become a leading, one-source and fully integrated contract developer of investigational drugs.

Your molecule, your journey, our mission.

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