Many minds, better together.

In 2017, the merger of Pharmavize in Belgium, Crystallics and Analytical Biochemical Laboratory (ABL) in the Netherlands forms Ardena.

The companies’ complementary capabilities provide an integrated service that covers all stages of drug development. We are the expert partner, helping our pharmaceutical customers reach important clinical milestones faster and more effectively.

Ardena gives drug developers access to a wide range of specialist services, including solid-state chemistry, formulation & (bio)analytical development and GMP clinical supply manufacturing.

Our headquarters in Ghent, the former Pharmavize facility, has been in the pharmaceutical business for over 20 years. Providing CMC drug and dossier development services.

Our site in Amsterdam, the former Crystallics site, has been delivering solid state research expertise to customers for over a decade.

And lastly our GLP-compliant site in Assen, the former ABL site, has extensive experience in the development, validation and application of bioanalytical methods including LC-MS/MS and immunochemistry.

In 2018 we bought ChemConnection and Syntagon. So we can add nanomedicine expertise to our offering and to expand our capabilities in drug substance manufacture and analysis. Our over 110-strong scientific team at our labs in Oss (The Netherlands), Södertälje (Sweden) and Riga (Latvia) have market-leading expertise in process development, analytical R&D, GMP production and drug substance QC.

Together as Ardena, we are dedicated to help you move your molecule into clinic, on time and within budget.