Drug Product
Development & Manufacturing

Guiding you down the smartest path to meet your molecule’s milestones on time.

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Pharmaceutical companies are under great pressure to advance their clinical candidates through the pipeline. At Ardena, we provide expert drug product services, whether you are looking for the development of a fit-for-purpose preclinical formulation or the manufacture of clinical trial material.

From molecule to clinic

Our focus is on helping customers develop and manufacture a product from molecule to clinic. We support the entire process from formulation development through to pilot-scale manufacturing, scale up and GMP production. We also offer analytical development and quality control (QC) testing.

The foundation of our drug product offering is our extensive range of formulation development services. We have expertise in the production of oral, topical, intranasal, ocular and intravenous formulations.

We also provide manufacturing services for small-scale clinical trial supplies. Our team has expertise in a variety of dosage forms, as well as offering specialist capabilities such as the manufacture of modified release products, pellets, spray dried powders and over-encapsulated drugs.

Our team of analytical scientists help customers to understand product characteristics and ensure they meet the highest quality standards.

Ardena also has market-leading drug stability testing capabilities that help customers meet regulatory requirements.

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