Associate Scientist

In November 2014 Maxime started her final internship at Ardena Oss after graduating her bachelor degree. One year after her first introduction to the company she started working for Ardena as an associate scientist.

Describe a typical day at Ardena – what does your job entail?

It is difficult to describe a typical day, since every day is different. One day I might be busy preparing and executing small scale development experiments on the lab, the next day I’m writing production reports or I am working on large scale GMP productions.

What do you love most about your job?

I like that each working day is different. Due to the variation the work stays challenging and interesting.

What is the biggest challenge you face at work?

Most of the challenges involve development and planning issues. Besides that I believe it is a challenge to make sure that you keep track of the bigger picture of a project especially during the busy (production) periods.

What three skills do you need most for your role?

It is important to be flexible, since the planning can change last minute. Furthermore, you should be able to look critically at the generated data. Besides that, good social skills will benefit a good collaboration within a project.

What did you do before this job? And what made you join Ardena?

After graduation I started at Ardena. During my internship I already experienced the very good working atmosphere. This, and of course the challenging work, made it a logical step for me.

What is it about Ardena that makes the company unique?

For me, the good working atmosphere and the opportunities to learn a lot and develop yourself.

Can you sum up your Ardena experience in one sentence?

I’ve experienced a very good transition from education to work and learned a lot since.