Business Unit Director

Ana is originally from Spain and moved to Holland to finish her master’s degree in analytical chemistry. She started at Ardena Amsterdam  as a technologist and after a 9-year journey is now a Business Unit Director!

Describe a typical day at Ardena – what does your job entail?

My job requires me to manage the research and development programs (all commercial projects) that we performed for customers. My tasks include checking the status of my projects (including budget and timelines), data analysis, designing experiments, preparing updates for customers and reporting. I supervise 5 technologists which are my hands and eyes in the lab.

What do you love most about your job?

The variety. There is no routine in this job. Every day is different. Every commercial project is different and the learning curve is constantly growing.

What is the biggest challenge you face at work?

For me, it is trying to solve customer’s issues and problems with the best solution.

What three skills do you need most for your role?

I think you definitely need to have the ability to think critically, be a leader and be organised.

What did you do before this job? And what made you join Ardena?

I used to work in an analytical lab where the same kind of analysis was done every single day – it was very routine work. I joined Ardena because the diversity of the work and the possibility of learning new things every day.

What is it about Ardena that makes the company unique?

The international environment, and how the company is very open and familiar with one another. We are all team players. There is always support from your colleagues and you have the feeling that you will never be alone in your research. As a company, they not only give you a great opportunity to grow as a professional but also as a person!

Can you sum up your Ardena experience in one sentence?

A great experience, that even almost a decade in I am very happy working here and growing each day.