Webinar series: Ardena Platform Days

Webinar series: Ardena Platform Days

We’re excited to announce our upcoming webinar series, Ardena Platform Days! Join us on 20-22 June for a deep dive into various key topics related to drug development and manufacturing. Register now for any or all of the webinars below:


Tuesday 20th June –  4 PM CET, 2 PM ET, 11 AM PT
Preparative HPLC for Pharmaceutical Drug Purification: Methodologies and Case Studies
Learn about the basics of preparative HPLC, various chromatographic methodologies, method development and optimization, loading studies, and fractionation. Our drug substance analytical experts Petter Tollbäck and Eliza Dege will also delve into feed solution preparations, analysis, solvent reduction/drying methodologies, and the major challenges associated with preparative HPLC. Real-world examples and case studies will be shared, so you can gain a better understanding of the capabilities of preparative HPLC and make informed decisions on the purification and isolation of pharmaceutical drug substances.


Wednesday 21st June – 4 PM CET, 2 PM ET, 11 AM PT
Mastering Nanomedicines Characterization: Techniques for Determining Particle Size Distribution Based on Dynamic Light Scattering
Join our Senior Scientist, Maria Marioli, for a discussion on the principles of dynamic light scattering (DLS) and its application in measuring the particle size distribution of drug nanocarriers. She will cover multi-angle DLS, spatially-resolved DLS, and asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation (AF4), and share real-world examples of the application of DLS in the analysis of polystyrene size standards, mixtures of size standards, and drug products such as liposomes.


Thursday 22nd June – 4 PM CET, 2 PM ET, 11 AM PT
Breaking the Bioavailability Barrier: Formulation strategies for Improving API Solubility
Poor solubility and low bioavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) have become major challenges in drug development. In this webinar, our drug product formulation expert, Giulia Milanesi, will discuss the latest formulation approaches for improving the solubility and dissolution rate of poorly water-soluble compounds. She will cover techniques such as amorphous solid dispersion via spray drying, nanosuspensions, and lipid formulations, and share real-world examples to help you optimize the development of your low-soluble drug.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from our team of experts and improve your drug development knowledge and skills. Register now for Ardena Platform Days!