Strategic CMC Outsourcing Seminar Series in California, February 2024

Strategic CMC Outsourcing Seminar Series in California, February 2024

From Lead to Clinical Supply: Strategic CMC Outsourcing Seminars

Participate in our upcoming seminar tailored for biotechs engaged in new drug development of small molecule therapeutics. With concise presentations by seasoned experts in drug development, we’ll cover the journey from lead selection to clinical supply. Gain insights into strategic outsourcing in the Pharma Industry, navigating risks, rewards, and cost considerations specific to biotech needs. Explore key stages of Drug Substance and Drug Product formulation development, from project design to GMP manufacturing. Understand the benefits of integrated drug substance and drug product development for early clinical phases, emphasizing flexibility and budget considerations crucial for biotech success. This seminar offers a comprehensive exploration for biotech professionals navigating the complex landscape of drug development.



  • Daniel E. Levy, Ph.D, CMC outsourcing consultant and founder of DEL BioPharma
  • Juris Fotins, Ph.D., Principal Scientist Drug Substance Process Development at Ardena
  • Dave Seghers, Ph.D., CMC Expert in Drug Product Formulation at Ardena


  • Kurt Harrington, Founder and CEO Ventoux Biosciences, Inc
  • Mehdi Paborji, SVP, Technical Operations of Ashvattha Therapeutics


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