Bioavailability enhancement

If you’re facing solubility challenges that impact your drug candidate’s reproducible absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, Ardena can help. In such cases where poor drug substance solubility is limiting oral bioavailability, formulation techniques can be applied to increase the dissolution rate and/or apparent solubility at the site of absorption.

Ardena offers solubility-enhancing methods and technologies, including:

Our science-based approach to formulation eliminates the trial-and-error strategy seen in traditional product development strategies.

We use screening to identify the most effective formulation technology for your compound. These formulations are developed in our formulation laboratory and finally transitioned into our GMP-production facility.

This approach minimises DS consumption and saves our customers time and money.

Modified release

Ardena has range of delayed or controlled release technologies that are used to develop monolithic or multi-particulate matrix-type and reservoir-type systems. These include:

  • Bead layering
  • Spray drying
  • Minitablet compression
  • Matrix tablet compression
  • Tablet coating

Biorelevant dissolution

During drug development, the selection of the most effective formulation must be supported by effective biorelevant dissolution testing. It is important that the media used in these dissolution setups are representative of the human gastrointestinal fluids. At Ardena, we have expertise in a broad range of biorelevant dissolution techniques, including the use of two-phase systems and flow-through methodologies.