COVID-19 Solutions

Ardena is closely monitoring the evolving impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and responding to the challenges of COVID-19 with employee safety and business continuity as our primary concerns.
As an international active CDMO, we continue to work together to be a part in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

Employee Safety

Ardena has provided guidance to support employees to make optimal use of remote working technologies and adhere to strong levels of cybersecurity.
Ardena operating facilities remain open and continuing to deliver to our customers and their patients while affording the best possible levels of safety to all employees. Such measures include strict hygiene and social distancing practices.

Business Continuity

Ardena’s operations currently remain intact in all markets. We have not experienced any major disruption in our supply chain and we continue to do all we can to maintain business continuity.
Our existing Standard Operating Procedures, which are consistent with current Good Manufacturing Practices, ensure the integrity of our supply against any contamination.

Agility and Partnering for Treatments

Ardena is proud to support many of the highest profile COVID-19 programs.

  • Ardena supports Novavax Inc. in the manufacturing of the starting material for the adjuvant integrated with their Covid-19 vaccine, currently in clinical trial.
  • We support Vicore Pharma bringing their investigational drug product C21 to the clinic.
  • Our efforts to help advance Kancera’s COVID-19 treatment to the clinic with clinical coordination and manufacturing were recently featured in Nordic Life Science News.
  • Quercis initiates studies with Kinisoquin for the treatment of COVID-19. Ardena is the CDMO making the clinical trial materials
  • During the first COVID-19 pandemic wave in Belgium, and in cooperation with Fertipro and Fujirebio, Ardena manufactured and delivered the test kits necessary on shortest notice.

As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue to put the Patient First and to strive to meet the needs and expectations of our customers in:

  • Bioanalysis (e.g. PK analysis, determination of the immune response or immunogenicity, biomarker analysis).
  • Manufacturing of clinical trial test materials.
  • Dossier Development (e.g. IMPD-writing, MMA – for Europe and US market).
  • Clinical Logistics (e.g. comparator sourcing and repackaging or re-labelling, just in time labelling activities, QP certification, temperature controlled storage, shipment and destruction of returned materials).