Packaging, Labelling & Clinical trial supply

Our services include:

  • Primary packaging of in-house or externally produced drug product (capsules, tablets, …) in different types of containers (bottles, tubes, sachets, …)
  • Secondary packaging including patient kit assembly and labelling ready for use in the clinic
  • Use of tamperproof primary and secondary packaging materials
  • Preparation and translation of multi-language label text
  • Label (printing) activities with: single layer labels, booklet labels, peel-off, taking into account variable fields (including patient or kit numbers) or special requests
  • (Re)labelling (just in time) according to expiry date extensions
  • Temperature controlled storage at 15 – 25 °C, 2 – 8 °C and -20 °C.
  • Randomisation of the supplies, blinding & un-blinding services for single and double blinded studies
  • Rescue medication (re-)packaging and labelling for clinical trial use
  • Comparator sourcing, release, re-packaging and labelling for clinical trial use
  • Preparing of kits with and concomitant shipping of consumables needed to administer IMPs
  • Temperature controlled shipments upon request (on demand basis)
  • Returns reconciliation and destruction

All these services can be combined or provided as a single service depending on your company needs.