Ardena has logistics expertise in all types of early clinical development, from multi-centre Phase I to Phase IIa, and for a huge range of therapeutic areas, including rare diseases, orphan diseases and oncology.

Our unique, tailored approach is designed to provide visit kits to clinical sites in such a way as to eliminate the risk of sample mishandling. We are able to combine drug product and sample kit logistics services into a seamless offering.

In addition, our bioanalytical services have a unique visit and patient independent sample collection and registration system ensuring a minimum number of queries. Samples are registered in a dedicated Clinical Trial Management System (Labware). Not only does the system track samples, it also takes care of active follow up of biosample collection kit distribution, expiration and communication regarding sample queries.

Whatever your labelling challenges, we meet your clinical protocol needs by providing customised solutions. We work with our clients to optimise product packaging and label designs.

Customized clinical packaging

Ensuring sites taking part in a clinical development program have the supplies they need at the right time is vital to running an effective, efficient trial. Preparation and planning during clinical packaging is the best way to achieve this.
However, every trial is different. Ardena offers customised packaging services tailored to fit the specific protocol of your project.

Our clinical packaging team helps you deliver trial materials to the right site at the right time.

We provide randomisation, blinding and unblinding services for clinical trials, as well as sourcing and repacking services for comparator products.
In addition, we provide a full range of bespoke packaging services covering primary and secondary packaging for a wide range of container types.

All the trial supplies we ship are temperature controlled and monitored for any deviations occurring during transport.

Our customised clinical packaging capabilities include:

  • Drug product secondary packing
  • Storage of primary and secondary packaged materials
  • Warehousing with temperature controlled storage areas, including a 2 – 8 °C storage area
  • Dedicated rooms for label printing and packaging activities
  • QP release services