Clinical Logistics

Timely delivery of clinical trial materials is essential.

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In addition to our development and GMP manufacturing capabilities, we offer a range of packaging and supply services that ensure stable supply to clinical trial sites.

At Ardena, we take care of your clinical supply logistics. We offer packaging and labelling solutions to ensure your supplies are ready-to-use clinical trial materials.

Based upon your clinical study design, we customise and optimise your label and packaging strategy to meet your stringent timelines and desired study complexity. The timely delivery of your trial supplies and the efficient use of available materials is our focus.


Our clinical supply logistics services are fully GMP compliant

Moreover, we have more than 20 years of experience in the management of biological samples from clinical trials. Our focus is on transporting samples to the analysis lab as quickly and efficiently as possible. We provide both primary and secondary packaging services for a wide range of container types. We also assemble patient kits and provide comprehensive kit labelling printing services. Our clinical logistics team provides trial supply randomisation, blinding & un-blinding services and rescue medication packaging and labeling. They also provide a full comparator sourcing service, release testing, re-packing and labelling for clinical trial use.

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