Preclinical Bioanalysis

At Ardena we provide GLP compliant, preclinical bioanalytical services to support your in-vivo drug safety packages. We have extensive experience in developing robust bioanalytical assays in blood, plasma, urine and many other matrices such as tissues.

The validation of our preclinical bioanalytical methods are conducted in accordance with current FDA and EMA guidelines. When your compound is moving towards preclinical development and you need robust, validated, GLP compliant assays for your preclinical toxicology studies, you are in the right place at Ardena.

We offer a fully GLP compliant bioanalytical service to support your drug molecule as it enters the pre-clinical development phase. Your samples will be stored in our secure, monitored facility (-20°C or -80°C) until analysis.

By ensuring a fast sample turnaround we can help with critical decision steps in your preclinical drug development process. Ardena’s customer portfolio consists of biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies and veterinary / animal health companies.