Our expert bioanalytical team apply LC-MS/MS and immunochemistry to perform the quantitative analysis of NCEs, NBEs and biomarkers in different matrices. Below are some examples of previous projects and areas of expertise:

  • The determination of insulin glargine and its two major metabolites in human serum by LC-MS/MS. Together with one of our clinical partners we are able to offer this type of bioavailability/biosimilarity work as a complete package.
  • The determination of the cannabinoids THC and CBD in plasma by LC-MS/MS. For this work we have several assays available with different sensitivities and can analyse one or more additional metabolites. Together with our (pre-)clinical partners we offer these capabilities as a complete package.
  • The determination of ADCs by immunochemistry (including immunogenicity testing) and LC-MS/MS. Together with our (pre-)clinical partners we are able to deliver this type of work as a complete offering.
  • The analysis of oligonucleotides in different matrices such as plasma, CSF and tissues using hybridization ELISAs.
  • The analysis of large molecules (e.g. therapeutic antibodies) and nanomedicines by immunochemistry (including immunogenicity) and LC-MS/MS. In addition, we have capacity for enzymatic or hydrolytic digestion.