Mission, vision & values

Always agile, we change course as your drug development program does.

We help our customers succeed in bringing their valued molecules to clinic and market, so patients get better medicines faster.

A siloed, serial and fragmented approach to drug development may lead to poor and delayed distribution of information causing duplicate work and even rework, particularly in early phase development where study design is subject to continuous change. We strongly believe that our multidisciplinary approach can accelerate the drug development and approval process. By seamlessly integrating our services, we’re able to better mitigate development risks and ultimately reduce time-to-clinic. Moreover, our comprehensive service portfolio provides convenience to customers who should no longer deal with multiple vendors: we coordinate development programs, streamline communication and reduce any contracting burden.

Our ethos is to always be reliable, proactive and flexible. We aim to be a true partner that provides excellent services.

We’re reliable: we understand the challenges involved in turning a promising compound into a potential drug. We have the depth experience, regulatory knowhow and technical expertise to succeed
We’re proactive: we identify development challenges head on, and go for a first-time-right
We’re flexible: drug development is not amenable to a one-size-fits-all approach. Together with our customers we tailor the development approach and we synchronize our services with clinical timelines
We want to be best in class: providing high quality services underpinned by leading edge science is core to everything we do