Preformulation Development

Pre-formulation, or the physicochemical characterisation of your API in light of the intended route of administration and dosage form, is an important phase in your development program.

We can help you to select the appropriate solid form based on a number of criteria such as chemical and physical stability, dissolution and solubility in relevant biological media. Our focus is to maximise the probability of the API’s success in preclinical studies, helping you to establish strong intellectual property positions.

Navigating the preclinical toxicology phase for any new molecule is no easy task. At this phase, 50% of the candidates fail for toxicity reasons and another 15% fail for lack of bioavailability and short half-life. It is our job to use our pre-formulation development expertise to give your molecule the best chance of success.

Our extensive package of pre-formulation services support your development programs from early candidate selection, through preclinical, and into the clinic.