Bio-sample logistics

Quality starts at the point of sample collection.  Sample collection kits that are easy to use and delivered on time are an important element of a successful clinical trial.  Detailed instructions are provided in a laboratory manual customised for each clinical trial. All investigator sites are supplied with assay specific specimen collection and transportation kits compliant with IATA packing instructions. These kits are accompanied by request forms, pre-printed airway bills and instructions describing the logistic procedure.

Efficient logistics management plays a pivotal role in both the execution of laboratory services and the budget for your clinical study. Ardena has a dedicated sample management department in place. Upon receipt of the samples the identification and completeness of the samples and the accompanying request forms are verified. After unpacking the sample tubes, the accompanying documentation is checked and entered into a dedicated Clinical Trial Management System.

At Ardena, each clinical study is led by a project manager who will manage all internal and external communications. The project manager is responsible for the study at each stage of the project, whether it is start-up, during study or at the completion stage.