Solid state screening & selection

Our solid state research services can help to understand the physicochemical characteristics of your drug substance, allowing our team of experienced scientists to develop a drug with desired properties.

Proper application of solid state knowledge can reduce the time to market and ensure a well-protected drug substance and product, strengthening your intellectual property (IP).

Our solid form screening and selection services span multiple stages of the drug development process, and include:

  • Salt screening and polymorph screening during early pre-clinical development to assist in identifying the optimal solid form for a given compound to be used for further development in clinical phases.
  • Investigating alternative routes for APIs that are difficult to crystallise, such as cocrystal screening and stabilisation of the amorphous form.
  • Comprehensive screening programs to form the basis of an effective patenting strategy and potential patent extension.
  • Development of the synthetic process in parallel with the crystallisation process to influence yield, flowability, particle size and/or bulk density, and facilitate downstream processing and formulation.