Senior Lab Analyst

Tineke is a Senior Lab Analyst who has been working at Ardena for 9 years. After
a bachelors in biochemistry, she worked on a project for agricultural research for 4 years before coming to Ardena.

Describe a typical day at Ardena – what does your job entail?

For my first 8 years at Ardena, I was a lab analyst, so the majority of my day involves QC analyses. Now as a Senior, my week will begin by forward planning the analyses I have to do. By doing this I can schedule my work independently for the rest of the week, which helps as I have become more responsible for the documentation of GMP production.

What do you love most about your job?

For me I love the variation of my job, each day is different.

What is the biggest challenge you face at work?

Whilst it is what I love most, the variation means that a diverse range of techniques needed for all the different projects. Every day is different, every day has its own challenge. Sometimes it is troubleshooting of an equipment or a difficult method.

What three skills do you need most for your role?

The three skills I think you need most are analytical skills, accuracy and flexibility.

What did you do before this job? And what made you join Ardena?

After my degree, I worked at ILVO on a project for agricultural research. I moved to Ardena as it was closer to home and had much more diversity in the workload.

What is it about Ardena that makes the company unique?

The ability to learn from your colleagues. For example, I have learnt a lot about different chromatographic techniques form older colleague.

Can you sum up your Ardena experience in one sentence?

For me, it is a ‘growing company with many opportunities!’