Senior Technologist

Richard is a Senior Technologist at Ardena, a company he has been a part of when first starting at Avantium, then Crystallics and now Ardena for a grand total of almost 12 years!

Describe a typical day at Ardena – what does your job entail?

After a quick check of my emails and a coffee I head to the lab, where I have a variety of tasks to complete. From checking on running analysis, experiments, and projects I also run checks on our equipment. Depending on what is running in the lab each day I might be involved in processing or reporting results to project managers to evaluate the next stages of the project, or set up new experiments all together. Between my standard tasks I am often supporting my colleagues with any issues or questions they may have related to HPLC, LMCS and DVS and develop methods for these analytical techniques.

What do you love most about your job?

What I love most about my job is the great freedom to plan my work and to be able to try, test and implement new things to the workflow. I also love to do maintenance on our equipment.

What is the biggest challenge you face at work?

The biggest challenge is to deliver the results and reports in time, when no two projects are the same. As there are always things during a project that set you back, whether it be in differing results or difficult analytical method to develop, each time it is difficult and I face new challenges each day.

What three skills do you need most for your role?

For my job, you need to be flexible, have good analytical knowledge and technical insight.

What did you do before this job? And what made you join Ardena?

Before I joined Ardena I worked at a quality control laboratory for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. In the mean time I studied to become bachelor of applied sciences (BASc) in analytical chemistry. After finishing my studies, it was time for a next step and Ardena (Avantium at the time) offered me a challenging job in pharmaceutical solid state research. The rest is history.

What is it about Ardena that makes the company unique?

What makes us unique is the direct and open approach we have towards our projects. We do not stop when we have any kind of issue in a project and always try to come to the best result possible. Lines are very short within the company and that makes changing things easy and fast.

Can you sum up your Ardena experience in one sentence?

For me, working at Ardena can best be described as: a new day a new challenge!