Navigating you through drug development

We are Ardena: a reputed contract partner delivering drug development, manufacturing, logistics and bioanalytical services to pharmaceutical customers globally. In parallel, we work with you to compile your regulatory dossier and to fast track your product towards compliance. Every day, we guide companies through the hurdles and challenges of drug development. Our integrated service offering helps to streamline the drug’s progress to clinic and beyond.

About Ardena

A dedicated partner with an integrated approach from drug discovery to clinic

We’re a pharmaceutical CDMO that guides companies through the drug discovery and development process to help create effective and compliant drug products for clinical trials. Headquartered in Ghent, we have facilities in the Netherlands and Belgium, serving a global customer base, ranging from emerging biotech to tier-one pharmaceutical companies.

Why Ardena?

Drug and dossier development working hand in hand to deliver unrivalled quality

Our dossier centric approach to drug development fast tracks your product to compliance. By compiling your regulatory dossier in parallel with drug development, we can identify and overcome hurdles, and ultimately save you time. 

We also have a number of areas of specialist expertise, including solid state research, bio-availability enhancement and modified release, meaning we can handle even the toughest development challenges.

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